CommCare Cloud

Dimagi is proud to be able to share CommCare Cloud, our toolkit for deploying and maintaining CommCare servers, with our fabulous developer community.

We wrote CommCare Cloud for ourselves, and it’s what we use to manage CommCare HQ, our subscription offering. Anyone willing to dedicate the considerable amount of effort and system administration knowledge necessary to stand up and manage a CommCare server cluster will be able to do so using the same tools that we do.

What is commcare-cloud?

commcare-cloud is a python-based command line tool that uses the open source technologies Ansible and Fabric to automate everything you need in order to run a production CommCare cluster.

While it is possible to install on a laptop with a linux-like command line interface, it is primarily designed to be run on the machine that is hosting CommCare. (If you are hosting CommCare on more than one machine, commcare-cloud only needs to be installed on one of them.) In this documentation, we will call the machine on which commcare-cloud is installed the “control machine”. If you are hosting CommCare on a single machine, that machine is also the control machine.

System installation



CommCare Services

3rd party services


Specialized howtos

A word of caution

CommCare HQ is a complex, distributed software application, made up of dozens of processes and several pieces of third-party open source database software. It has been built for scale rather than simplicity, and as a result even for small deployments a CommCare server or server cluster can be challenging to maintain. An organization endeavoring to manage their own CommCare server environment must be willing to devote considerable effort and system administration capacity not only in the initial phases of provisioning, setup, and installation, but in steady state as well.

If you or your organization is hosting or interested in hosting its own CommCare server environment, we strongly suggest you read our Hosting Considerations page before going any further.

You should also be familiar with our Expecations for Ongoing Maintenance.

CommCare HQ in Production: System Overview

Before proceeding, we highly recommend that you gain a high-level understanding of what a CommCare HQ production system looks like by consulting our System Overview page. CommCare Cloud will help you stand up a system like the one described on that page, but maintaining it—even with the help of CommCare Cloud’s helpful tooling—will require an understanding of the system’s architecture and each of the system’s underlying technologies.