CommCare Cloud

Server management basics

Deploy CommCare HQ

To deploy a new version of CommCare HQ

$ commcare-cloud <env> deploy

For more detailed deploy details see Deploy

Stop all CommCare HQ services

$ commcare-cloud <env> service commcare stop
$ commcare-cloud <env> service commcare start


$ commcare-cloud <env> downtime start
$ commcare-cloud <env> downtime end

In addition to stopping all services this command will check to see if any processes are still running and give you the option of terminating them or waiting for them to stop.

Manage services

To manage services you can use the service command

$ commcare-cloud <env> service postgresql [status|start|stop|restart]
$ commcare-cloud <env> service --help

Handling a reboot

When a server reboots there are a number of tasks that should be run to ensure that the encyprted drive is decrypted and all systems are brought back up.

$ commcare-cloud <env> after-reboot --limit <inventory name or IP> all

Update CommCare HQ local settings

To roll out changes to the file for Django or the file for Formplayer:

$ commcare-cloud <env> update-config

Note that you will need to restart the services in order for the changes to be picked up by the processes.

Run Django Management Commands

To run Django management commands we need to log into a machine which has Django configured. Usually we run these commands on the django_manage machine which is a webworker machine.

$ cchq <env> ssh django_manage
$ sudo -iu cchq   #Switch to cchq user
$ cd /home/cchq/www/<env>/current # Change directory to current django release folder
$ source python_env/bin/activate  # Activate the python virtual env
$ ./ <command>  # Run the command

There is also an alternate method for running management commands which can be useful in certain situations:

$ cchq <env> django-manage <command> <options>

Here are some common examples:

# get a Django shell
$ cchq <env> django-manage shell

# get a DB shell
$ cchq <env> django-manage dbshell --database <dbalias>

# check services
$ cchq <env> django-manage check-services

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